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Does the provision of an ‘own working space’ for tutors enhance the learning experience for students (when implementing an extensive module level tutorial timetable)? eSTEeM Final Report

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posted on 2024-06-12, 13:21 authored by Hayley RyderHayley Ryder, Tacey O'Neil

In response to the group tuition policy (GTP), on M303 we designed a comprehensive list of about 60 tutor-led cluster-level tutorials to replace the standard 7 tutorials per group in a cost neutral way. However, GTP implementation at the university level turned out to be challenging and the policy became unpopular among tutors due to concerns about the tutor-student relationship, complicated timetabling, and logistical issues associated with shared online rooms.

To address tutor well-being and timetable practicality on M303, we gave each of our tutors an individual, personal teaching room that was accessible to the whole student cohort.

This study employs Roger's Diffusion of Innovation and Davis’s Technology Acceptance Model to analyse the adoption of the GTP by M303 tutors and explain how the use of individual, personal rooms may mitigate the potential negative impact on tutor well-being of changes in tuition strategy.

We surveyed tutors on M303 and analysed student engagement with tutorials across two presentations to see whether using personal teaching rooms improved tutor well-being, student satisfaction and tutorial engagement.

The results show that implementing the GTP with individual, personal rooms had a greater relative advantage over the previous system than implementing the GTP with shared rooms; that using individual, personal rooms with the GTP increased the compatibility with existing values, was less complex and more trialable than the GTP implemented with shared rooms; and that the perceived usefulness of the GTP with individual, personal rooms was higher than that of the GTP with shared rooms. The timetable facilitated by using individual, personal rooms appeared to raise student satisfaction and increase tutorial engagement.





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