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Using real time student feedback as an emotion awareness and regulation tool in an assessed, online, collaborative project

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posted on 2024-01-12, 14:32 authored by Jake Hilliard, Patrick Wong, Karen Kear, Helen Donelan, Caroline Heaney

 Over the last decade, research has increasingly highlighted the inextricable links between emotion and cognition as well as the profound effects emotions have in academic contexts in both individual and social learning settings (Pekrun and Linnenbrink-Garcia, 2012). Although much of this research has been undertaken in face-to-face learning, such notions have also been evidenced in online learning environments (Henritius et al., 2019; Reis et al., 2018). With the increased understanding of the importance of emotions in educational contexts, researchers have started to develop tools that can be used by students to help raise awareness of their emotions and help them regulate their feelings when undertaking learning activities (Järvelä et al., 2016). One such tool is The Socio-Emotional Sampling Tool (SEST) (Webster and Hadwin, 2013) which aims to prompt students to metacognitively monitor and evaluate their current emotional state before, during and after undertaking computer-supported collaborative learning activities. The SEST has been developed to have both research and instructional purposes; on the one hand, it can be used as a research tool to collect data about students’ emotional experiences, whilst on the other hand it can be used as an instructional tool to help students become more aware of their emotions and think about ways of regulating their feelings. In this research, we have adapted the SEST and implemented this tool (using real time student feedback) throughout an 9-week assessed, online collaborative project in the Communication and Information Technologies (TM255) module at The Open University. Specifically, students were presented with the opportunity to fill out short feedback forms on four occasions throughout the project (once before it had started, twice during the project, and once after it had finished). Although each form aimed to assess students’ current feelings towards the activity, the two forms completed during the task were also aimed at getting students to think about how they could regulate their emotions. Links to each of the four forms were embedded into the weekly content of module’s Virtual Learning Environment. In this presentation, we will report preliminary findings from the study as well as discuss practical implications of using real time student feedback as an emotion awareness and regulation tool in assessed, online, collaborative projects in a distance learning setting. 



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